History and Pedigree

Plunkett Tiling Contractors Ltd, respected nationwide for the efficiency and quality they deliver on commercial projects, has set up a Specialist Tiling Division, headed by Paul Plunkett, son of the parent company founder, Paddy Plunkett. This division specialises in projects outside of the remit of the parent company, whose main focus is on large commercial developments such as shopping centres, airports and supermarkets, to name but a few. The new division focuses on smaller, but highly specialised, tiling projects that require the attention of a skilled tiler able to deliver solutions to situations that go beyond the norm!

Paul has over 25 years experience of professional tiling with the company, spending the first six years as an apprentice, learning his trade through formal training and extensive ‘on the tools’ experience. Being a "hands on" person, he has also acquired the joinery, plumbing and other practical skills and knowledge required to provide a complete installation service. For the past eight years he has been the go-to person for any intricate project work ranging from remedial tiling work on church buildings where tiles had to be specially made to match the ancient installations to both commercial and domestic wetrooms, where ultimate quality and heavy usage had to be incorporated into the final project.

One of Paul’s greatest attributes is his approach to problem solving.

In his many years’ experience, he has developed an intuitive, practical approach to solving problems that would defeat most professionals. He has worked on some of the most prestigious projects in this country and abroad, including Royal and other private residences that unfortunately cannot be disclosed because of pre-project privacy agreements.

A Unique Service

The company is unique in its service delivery; not only does the Specialist Division carry out the all-important assessment to identify and resolve any potential problem issues, the company undertakes all aspects of the project, including the design, material specification and ordering, the strip out of the existing finishes and fittings, the refit and finally, some would say most importantly, the aftercare and installation guarantee. This means that you are dealing with a single contact for your project, which removes the problems that you may encounter if you had to deal with suppliers, designers and installers separately.

The team that will carry out the strip and re-install under Paul's project guidance, know just how important customer care is; that includes respecting the fact that they may be working in a client’s home and the need to take extra care and be respectful of the property, its occupants and neighbours at all times.

Other Specialisms

The division is  experienced in a host of  tiling disciplines including restoration work in churches and buildings of historic interest that they have carried out over the years. A recent example of this type of work in shown in our gallery.

Quality and Customer Care

The Specialist Tiling Division follows the ISO 9001:2008 quality guidelines established by the parent company and each project is assessed, managed and meticulously project-managed by Paul.

The company’s vast experience, combined with the deployment of the latest technological advances in tiling systems, guarantees to deliver the ultimate project delivery, and the highest customer satisfaction.

The skilled and time-served site teams are experienced in working at the high-quality end of the marketplace.  They provide value through the use of top quality materials and the skills, patience and attention to detail to warrant the outlay on such products.  Their value does not come from fitting the cheapest option as quickly as can be achieved, but by carefully selecting the most appropriate option and ensuring that the installation is fully considered and executed with the requisite level of skill and precision.

Please visit our gallery to see a selection of recently completed projects to see for yourself the scope and quality of our work.

The Customer Satisfaction Team look forward to speaking with you soon.